Repertory OrchestrA

The Repertory Orchestra is an intermediate string orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass) open to students who have played for 2+ years. It is designed to improve technical skills and ensemble playing.  Students are typically in 7th-10th grades.

Audition Requirements

 ā€œGā€ Major and ā€œeā€ Harmonic Minor scales in two octaves.    

***Scales should be bowed separately with the top note repeated upon descending. Scales should be performed at a tempo of quarter note equal to 96 beats per minute and be memorized.  

Sight Reading & Prepared Piece (use the links down below to download and print)

Prepared Piece:
iscariot violin.pdf iscariot violin.pdf
Size : 43.652 Kb
Type : pdf
iscariot viola.pdf iscariot viola.pdf
Size : 50.281 Kb
Type : pdf
iscariot cello.pdf iscariot cello.pdf
Size : 46.677 Kb
Type : pdf
iscariot bass.pdf iscariot bass.pdf
Size : 44.111 Kb
Type : pdf