Rappahannock Youth Symphony



Primo Orchestra (Beginner & Intermediate Strings Only)

The Primo Orchestra is a beginner level string orchestra open to students who have played for 1-2 years.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

  • Scales: G, D, & C major, at least 1 octave, 2 preferred (Bass: 1 octave)
  • Prepared piece of no less than 16 measures
  • Sight Reading

Repertory Orchestra (Advanced Intermediate Strings Only): Blind Audition Requirements

Students will be asked to perform the “D” Major and “g” Harmonic Minor scales in two octaves.  Scales should be bowed separately with the top note repeated upon descending.  Scales should be performed at a tempo of quarter note equal to 96 beats per minute and be memorized.  

This year’s orchestral audition excerpt is the Siciliano and Allegro by Galliard.  You may download and print your part in order to prepare for your audition by clicking on the appropriate link.





All auditions will include a sight reading component.

Symphony Orchestra (Advanced Full Orchestra): Blind Audition Requirements



String students may be asked to perform all major and (melodic) minor scales up to 3 sharps and 3 flats in three octaves (two octaves for bass).  Scales should be played in groups of two slurred and two martele ascending and groups of four slurred descending.  Scales should be performed at a tempo of quarter note equal to 120 beats per minute and be memorized.  The required scales are:


C Major               a Minor        

G Major              e Minor 

D Major              b Minor 

A Major              f# Minor    

F Major               d Minor        

B-flat Major        g Minor

E-flat Major        c Minor    

This year’s orchestral audition excerpt is Overture to Ruslan and Ludmilla by Glinka.  All excerpts are marked on this page. 

Violin - Measure 1 through 62 (Beginning to B)

Viola - Measures 189 through the end of 272 (Rehearsal E through H)

Cello - Measure 1 through the end of 18, 

           - 162 through the end of 180 (9 after rehearsal D through 9 before E), 

           - Measure 298 through the end of 320

Bass - Beginning through 19, 

         - Rehearsal K to the end

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Wind and Percussion Auditions

The audition etude will be the same etude used for this year’s Virginia All State Auditions during the 2015-2016 school year.  Scale auditions will follow the same guidelines as District Band.  For more information, please see the VBODA website

 All auditions will include a sight reading component.

*The Rappahannock Youth Symphony fully supports and encourages students to audition for the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association (VBODA) events through their school band or orchestra program. This year's RYS auditions for Repertory and Symphony will follow the same guidelines and expectations as those used for the VBODA Junior and Senior Regional Orchestra auditions.