Rappahannock Youth Symphony


June 7, 2014
New member and move up auditions

September 8 and 13, 2014
New member and move up auditions


Audition Requirements

Primo Orchestra (Beginner & Intermediate Strings Only)

The Primo Orchestra is a beginner level string orchestra open to students who have played for 1-2 years.

Each student should be prepared to play scales, a selection of their choice (either from a book or school music), and basic sight reading. Students should have mastery in the following basic areas:


  • All strings: G, D, & C major, at least 1 octave, 2 preferred (Bass: 1 octave)

Fundamental Requirements

  • All Strings: first position notes on all 4 strings
  • Violin: Knowledge of E string notes in 1st position
  • Bass: some basic 2nd and 3rd position on the G string (high C/D area)

Notation Knowledge

  • Eighth, quarter, half & whole notes, dotted rhythms
  • Time Signatures: 4/4 & 3/4 time
  • All strings must be able to play 2-note slurs


Repertory Orchestra (Advanced Intermediate Strings Only)

The Repertory Orchestra is an intermediate level string ensemble for students who have played for at least 2 years. It is designed to improve technical skills and ensemble playing.

Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

  • Major scales 3 sharps and 3 flats (including C) - 2 octaves
  • Prepared Piece - comparable to a selection from Suzuki Book 3
  • Sight Reading


Symphony Orchestra (Advanced Full Orchestra)

The Symphony Orchestra is an advanced full orchestra for experienced strings, winds, brass, and percussion.

  • Required: Scales, 2 prepared pieces of contrasting styles (fast, slow) and sight reading
  • Strings Scales
    • Major scales 4 sharps to 4 flats (including C); C, G, E melodic minor scales
    • Violin/viola/cello - 3 octaves; bass - 2 octaves
    • Bowing for all is to be 2 slurred, 2 separate, ascending; 4 slurred, descending; mm=120 per quarter note
  • Woodwinds and Brass Scales - All major scales and chromatic scale: tongued ascending, slurred descending, mm=120 per eighth note
  • Percussion: Bring snare, mallets/sticks, know all rudiments.


Brass Ensemble (Intermediate Brass Ensemble)

The Brass Ensemble is a new intermediate group made possible by a grant from the Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund, and will be dedicated to exploring brass ensemble and chamber literature, and preparing brass players for orchestral section playing.  Students must be at least in 8th grade.

  • Brass Requirements:
    • Prepared etudes (see downloads)
    • Sightreading TBD by conductor

Bb Trumpet Etudes